I have had a few cars so far in my life, my current car is a Toyota Avensis. This is the second Avensis I have ever owned (1st being a company car), the car before and now is very reliable, the Avensis I have now however is a higher specfication and a lot more power. Whilst being such a great car it is time to move on with the times, move on to the future, under normal circumstances I would not buy a replacement car unless it was Japanese.

The Avensis from behind

With the future of cars uncertain but directed towards Electric, there is only one make of car that I could see myself driving based on the companies goals, experience and design. As you have probably worked out from the main picture of this post, that company is Tesla.

With this in mind I have committed myself to purchase a Tesla Model 3, which configuration is still yet to be declared and that’s something to share with you in future posts. I’m both excited for the technology and the benefits that this Tesla will bring to me and my family. Really cannot wait!

Avensis Tourer Interior



このことを念頭に置いて、私はTesla Model 3を購入することを約束しました。その構成はまだ宣言されておらず、それは将来の投稿であなたと共有するものです。私は、このTeslaが私と私の家族にもたらすであろう技術とその恩恵にとても興奮しています。本当に待てない!

Tesla Model 3



考虑到这一点,我已经承诺购买特斯拉Model 3,该配置尚未申报,并且在未来的帖子中可以与您分享。我对这款特斯拉将给我和我的家人带来的技术和好处感到兴奋。真的等不及了!